Yes, it has been awhile. Call it a time of anxiety and stress that resulted in seeking God’s peace and His will. There was never a doubt that God was Sovereign and had His pulse on the situation. There was never a doubt that God was in the middle of my circumstances and guiding me through like a Father guides his three-year-old son down the steep and craggy path to the fishing hole that lies at the bottom of the hill. God continually calls me to wait on Him; to press into Him; to know that He is God and there is no other; to trust Him with all of my heart and mind anul and strength.

God has walked me and my family through many trials and travails. We have altered the way we do church and ministry; we have closed a child care center and been stymied in our six-month attempt to open a family child care. We have rejoiced in the mountain tops and in the canyons so deep that the daylight was nothing more than a glimmer. This story is not about us. It is HIS story,,,what true history is.